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Sarens SA is proudly part of the Sarens Group with more than 40 company’s operating worldwide. Sarens SA are the specialists in Heavy Lift, Projects and Mobile Crane Hire. Sarens SA are market leaders with a formidable heavy lift division that service the Petrochemical, leading Engineering and various industrial sectors such as mining and civil construction industries.

We are currently working on major South African projects that are shaping the infrastructure of the country for the future, and are proud to be associated with these projects.

The development of people to their maximum potential is a core value of our business that equals the growth of our fleet through reinvestment into new equipment that can meet the demands of the country.

We have people and equipment of extremely high standards that can meet the demands of the economy now and into the future. Vision and expertise are what made Sarens, a Flemish family business, evolve into an international group.

The keys to our success as within the group are Safety, Quality, Engineering and Maintenance.

Our engineers, technical staff and senior managers have tremendous experience and expertise in Heavy Lift, Projects and Mobile Crane Hire and can customize and manage a total solution for the ever evolving needs of our clients.

  • Sarens SA is a market leader within Southern Africa,
  • Sarens SA shares the group theme of “Specialists of the Extra Ordinary”
  • Sarens SA is the Global Heavy Lifting, Projects and Mobile Crane Hire Group.

Health & Safety


Sarens SA is currently using a SHEQ Integrated Safety Management System which is in line with OSHAS 18001 whilst also being in full compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and the revised Construction Regulations.


Company Ethos

Company Ethos

To become the premier world class Global Heavy Lifting, Projects and Mobile Crane Hire company in Sub Saharan Africa.




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Shareholding in Sarens SA is held by the following:

Sarens NV 100%

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Sarens News

Orapa - Botswana
Sarens South Africa was requested by a leading diamond mining company in Botswana to relocate one of their Komatsu shovels over a distance of 35km. Sarens used 18 axle lines SPMTs of 3.6m wide to move the weight of 550t. Sarens South Africa was able to save the client 2 months in production by utilising this transport solution.The move itself including travel, loading and offloading was executed within 9 days. This successful move has resulted in talks for additional work and it is one of the first major initiatives in Botswana for Sarens.

New standard in super heavy lifting : SGC 120!
The Sarens Group of Wolvertem, Belgium is pleased and proud to introduce the SGC 120 Crane, which will be available in early 2011. This innovative and versatile Heavy Lift Crane System is the product of the combined engineering efforts of Sarens and its newest group member, Rigging International of Alameda, California.

ESTA Awards 2010 SPMT Job of the Year entry by Sarens nv
On the 22nd of April the ESTA Awards 2010 were revealed in Munich. (View Certificate) Sarens nv won the award for the load out of an oil rig in Stord, Norway. Total weight: over 15 000t which equals 83 empty 747 jumbo jets. The module (90m x 90 m) had to be moved diagonally, after wards another 90 degrees turn on the spot, and is positioned with an accuracy of 2 mm with regard to the other modules. Equipment used: 534 axle lines SPMT, 22 Power Packs (> 8 000 HP)

Platinum Potential Under Scrutiny
As part of its growth strategy into the mining sector, crane hire company Sarens SA is keeping a watchful eye on the platinum market, believing that the commodities revival will also see growth for the company going forward. The mining sector currently contributes a small portion to Sarens SAs business, however, as new life is breathed into projects deferred as a result of the economic slowdown, project construction will see the light of day in the near future, Sarens SA technical & projects director, Lance Strachan, tells Nelendhre Moodley.