February 2015

Sarens performs first Boeing 737-300 lift
in South Africa

Boeing737-300 LiftSarens South Africa has performed a lift of a Boeing 737-300 across the R21 highway in Kempton Park. The operation was carried out for the South African aviation company Comair, who is building a training center in which the Boeing 737-300 will be used as a real-life evacuation trainer.
Being an expert in moving and lifting extraordinary loads, Sarens was asked to lift the Boeing 737-300 from its location at the OR Tambo International Airport to the Comair training center, being built on the other side of the highway. During this overnight operation, several roads including the main access route to the airport, were temporarily closed.
The Boeing with the engines removed and portions of the wings and tail clipped, weighed an initial dead weight of 25 tonnes. The length of the Boeing was 33.35m, the width 18m and a height of 5m. The equipment used in this lift was Sarens hydraulic cranes being an LTM1400, AC500 and AC200.
“The stakes were high. Our specialized engineering and rigging teams defined the most time- and cost- effective solution, making sure the road closures were kept to a minimum and all safety and quality standards were met. Successfully lifting the Boeing, safely relocating it to its new home, was the result of months of planning and collaboration with many stakeholders involved”, comments Marius Cilliers, Country Manager Sarens South Africa.
On completion of the lift, the aircraft will be enclosed with a building that is to be constructed around it. The ultimate objective of it is to become a realistic cabin crew and flight deck crew mock-up evacuation trainer, fully representative of a real aircraft.

Glen Warden, Commercial Operations Manager Comair comments: “This operation is the first ever of its sort in South Africa, probably even in Africa. The project co-ordination between the various parties has been paramount. Especially the professionalism and operational excellence shown by the Sarens team is something to be behold. Whenever you see a large Sarens crane at any site around the world, people should know, how much of a specialist job this is.

March 2014

The Sarens Edenvale Marathon

Marathon Marathon The Sarens Edenvale Marathon was a great success on 9 March 2014, which is now entrenched as an annual occasion, with great support and popularity growing various charities are the beneficiary's including Reach for a Dream, Kidney Beanz and Little Eden.

March 2014

Certificate presented by Glencore

Glencore CertificateCertificate presented to Sarens - Steelpoort by Glencore

May 2013

Orapa - Botswana

AC650Sarens South Africa was requested by a leading diamond mining company in Botswana to relocate one of their Komatsu shovels over a distance of 35km. Sarens used 18 axle lines SPMT’s of 3.6m wide to move the weight of 550t. Sarens South Africa was able to save the client 2 months in production by utilising this transport solution.The move itself including travel, loading and offloading was executed within 9 days. This successful move has resulted in talks for additional work and it is one of the first major initiatives in Botswana for Sarens.

May 2013

Demag AC300

AC650On site at Kusile Power Station.

May 2013

LTM 1750.9-1

AC650Newest addition to the fleet of Sarens SA.

2 December 2011

DCD Lift

AC650We Fitted the life Boat Davits on the Starboard side of the Rig as part of the Rig upgrade,
• We Used the AC650
• 66m Luffer
• 15.5 + 4 Main Boom
• 160T of Counterweight
• Chart Capacity of 28T
• 17T Load needed to be lifted.
The team did a brilliant job on the 650, There was comments from the Ship’s crew that they have never come across a better group to work with. The guys are professional and a pleasure to have on site.

21 August 2011

Sasol FT Wax, Sasolburg South Africa

Transport Plant Description : Sarens is providing a turnkey supervision, transport, instillation of all equipment over 20 tons.

Challenges : Instillation of equipment within an operating petrochemical plant. Site has a limited foot print, therefore the plant is high and compact to accommodate all the equipment.

Client :
Sasol/Foster Wheeler
Equipment used : CC2800-1, AC650, LTM1400, AC300, 54 lines SMPT’s

20 August 2011

Styldrift Royal Bafokeng Platinum
Headgear Project

CC2800-1, AC650, LTM1400Careful and detailed planning from Sarens SA ensured that the Headgears were erected in less than three weeks. The heavy lift specialist was on site to start erection on January 31 with the last lift taking place on February 18 – two days ahead of scheduled completion – despite windy conditions which hampered work.

17 February 2011

South Deep Twin Shafts

On Site On Site2 Sarens South Africa performed the cranage and a job for Gold Fields, a gold mining company. Our client manufactured and assembled the head gear. The heaviest lift was the back legs of 183,5t, the knuckles weighed in at 110t and the horizontal tie-in beams weighed 56t. Together with our client Sarens assembled the new steel head gear to the first floor.
We will be returning in April for the second phase which will complete the total of 3 floors.

Location :
Carltonville - South Africa
Equipment used : CC2800-1; AC650; LTM1400; LTM 1030

29 October 2010

Terex-Demag ® CC6800 crawler crane
prelaunch bulletin

CC6800SarensTerex Demag Crawler Crane CC 6800 On Site In RSA. Sarens South Africa. has recently added a Terex Demag Crawler Crane. CC6800 to its fleet. Thiscrane and skilled
personnel. continues to position Sarens as a leader within the heavy Iift and project industry with this crane having a true 1250 ton lift capacity.

September 2010

The current scope of work on the
FDS Project in Cape Town is as follows

We have been using 6 Cranes on the Project 3 x 70T, 2 x 80T and 1 x 180T as a 100T, using 2 x 80T cranes and the 180T cranes as a 100T for Night Shift for Day Shift we have used the 2 x 80T canes and the 180T as a 100T for blasting of the Vessel in for the preparation of the new coat of paint we have Removed various Components from the Vessel as well as Containers. we have used the 180T to Remove the Vessels Propeller's weighing 6T and 4T at a 20m Radius Loading them onto a Sarens Truck to Transport them to The Boiler Shop for routine Repairs. We Again used the 180T Crane to remove the Vessels 6.5T Thrusters at a 30m Radius for Maintenance. the Ships Hatch had to be removed using the 180T Crane weighing 12.2T at a 17m Radius we are one week Short of half way point of the Project and will be using the Same Cranes for More removals from the Vessel and again to Lift the Various Components back onto the Vessel.

September 2010

New Standard in Super Heavy Lifting

SARENS has developed a new heavy lift crane with load moments up to 120.000 tonmeter. It is designed to meet future demands of the heavy lifting industry. Construction of the SGC-120 is ongoing and the crane will be available to the market in early 2011.
Click here to download the brochure.

6 August 2010

Terex-Demag ® CC6800 crawler crane
now in South Africa.

CC6800We welcome the arrival of our Terex-Demag ® CC6800 crawler crane to South Africa. The CC6800 is the biggest mobile crawler crane in the region, weighing in at a true 1250Ton lift capacity. The cranes design is modular by nature, facilitating transportability, and reducing establishment cost , as well as allowing maximum configuration flexibility for your project’s specific needs.

27 July 2010

Gigantic Crane Deployed
at Sishen Mine.

AC650The Sarens AC650 is a 720 ton all terrain crane. According to Sarens Sales Representative Kallie Burger, it is the biggest hydraulic crane currently in Southern Africa. It has a 60m main boom, a 96m luffing boom, can reach a height under hook of 142m, has 160 ton counter weight and has super lift. It has a 9 axle machine. Eight of the axles are steered and four are driven. The crane is also fully road legal. The machine had recently been contracted by Sandvik for a Sishen mine project involving the waste at the Sishen Expansion Project.

To download a copy of the article in the Kathu Gazette click here.

20 July 2010

The Namib Primary School NPS turns 80
this year.

Palm LiftingBecause of this jubilee the schoolmanagement and the schoolboard decided that the school and the
premises have to be re-furbished.

The old fence is in a desolated condition and the palmtrees should also give a better picture as it has been over the last couple of year. In place of the fence a brick wall will be erected and 5 palms were replanted with the help of different companies.

22 April 2010

ESTA Awards 2010
SPMT Job of the Year entry by Sarens NV

Oil RigOn the 22nd of April the ESTA Awards 2010 were revealed in Munich. (View Certificate) Sarens nv won the award for the load out of an oil rig in Stord, Norway. Total weight: over 15 000t which equals 83 empty 747 jumbo jets. The module (90m x 90 m) had to be moved diagonally, after wards another 90 degrees turn on the spot, and is positioned with an accuracy of 2 mm with regard to the other modules. Equipment used: 534 axle lines SPMT, 22 Power Packs (> 8 000 HP)

April 2010

Platinum Potential Under Scrutiny

As part of its growth strategy into the mining sector, crane hire company Sarens SA is keeping a watchful eye on the platinum market, believing that the commodities revival will also see growth for the company going forward. The mining sector currently contributes a small portion to Sarens SAs business, however, as new life is breathed into projects deferred as a result of the economic slowdown, project construction will see the light of day in the near future, Sarens SA technical & projects director, Lance Strachan, tells Nelendhre Moodley.

01 April 2010

Featured on the Real Economy Report
by Engineering News

Sarens was recently featured on the Engineering News Real Economy Report.
Click here to view the story.

October 2009

Extract of Interview between Lance Strachan
and Nelendhre Moodley (Editor of Built)

Sarens certainly has the largest lifting capacity and as a result has been the crane supplier of choice for a number of the large infrastructure projects requiring huge capacity. Discussing equipment size, Strachan notes that competitively size is definitely an advantage, ensuring that on certain contracts, Sarens SA ‘is an exclusive supplier’ of heavy lifting equipment.


Sapref in Durban, CC2600 Crawler Crane

CC2600Sarens SA recently completed a reactor replacement used for petrol production at Sapref in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, where it used the CC2600 crawler crane with super lift capacity to lift the 190t reactor. In line with working on a refinery which holds numerous safety hazards, Sarens SA's risk management team before-hand detailed the safety precautions required.

Harbour Widening Project

CC1100The Harbour widening project in KZN has been utilizing Sarens SA expertise and cranes. A Demag CC1100 crawler crane with a 250 ton lifting capacity has been involved in placing quay wall rocks after the principal contractors barge was hi jacked off the coast of Somalia by the now infamous pirates! Sophisticated GPS equipment was fitted to the crawler crane to ensure that the rocks were placed in the correct positions and the job has now been completed.